Mauritian born British, Christel Casse (also known as Christel Casse Dasilva) is a Catholic Theologian, Writer, Teacher, Eucharistic Minister and Entrepreneur.

She received God’s calling for ministry in 2010. She obtained her Higher Certificate in Theology in 2016 with the University of Middlesex and her Bachelor’s Degree in 2018 from the Holy See, with the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas. She's currently studying for a MA in Theology at the same University. 

Before her calling, She was working as a Cabin Crew for the 5-star airline Qatar Airways. 

She had a happy childhood grounded in faith but as an adult, she encountered dark days after she miscarried with her daughter in 2012, and after the passing of her mother in 2015. Christel suffered from fear, anxiety, and depression for many years, but hid it and put on a brave face. Amid her struggles and the many challenges she faced, she shares she experienced oneness with Jesus. Jesus walked the path of pain with her and was her Refuge and Strength. Jesus granted her all the endurance she needed. His unfailing love and presence gave her the courage to rise every morning and to rejoice in Him.

Christel is also very conservative in her faith. God is her life. She says that God has always communicated with her through His creation, her mum, and in dreams. And in 2011, she heard the audible voice of God calling her name three times.​

Today she’s dedicated to her mission. She hopes to encourage many to come to Christ, and experience deeper intimacy with Him, to live by faith, obey His commandments and follow His will, even if they are forced to do otherwise.

When Christel is not writing and encouraging other Christians in their journey of faith on Social Media platforms, you can find her reading great books, cooking restaurant-quality food, playing chess, photography, calligraphy, walking her Labrador, Goldie. spending quality time with her husband Patrick. 

As she ministers for Jesus, she shares that God can bring treasure in the darkest of times.

"Amid trials of all kinds, Jesus is present within every believer. He comforts and gives His peace. The Great Shepherd cares for and loves unconditionally," She says.