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Born in Mauritius and now a British national, Christel Casse, also known as Christel Casse Dasilva, is a multifaceted individual—a Catholic Theologian, Writer, Teaching Assistant, Catechist, Eucharistic Minister, and Entrepreneur. She is currently pursuing her MA in Theology at the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Prior to her calling, Christel worked as Cabin Crew for the prestigious 5-star airline Qatar Airways.

Although her childhood was filled with happiness and faith, Christel faced numerous challenges as an adult, including multiple miscarriages and the loss of her mother in 2015. Despite grappling with fear, anxiety, and depression, she drew strength and refuge from her faith in Jesus, who she believes walked beside her through her darkest days.

As a devoted believer, Christel's life is defined by her love for God, whom she feels is constantly present and communicating with her.

Through her ministry, she aims to inspire others to develop a deep and intimate relationship with Christ, live in accordance with His teachings, and follow His will, even when it's difficult.

In her free time, Christel enjoys writing, sharing her faith journey on social media, reading, singing, cooking tasty meals, playing chess, hiking, Zumba, practising photography and calligraphy, and spending time with her Labrador, Goldie, Cat, Lucas and husband, Patrick.

As she continues to devote herself to Jesus, Christel carries the message that even in the darkest times, God can bring about great blessings.

"Regardless of the challenges you face, know that Jesus is present within every believer, offering comfort and peace. The Good Shepherd truly cares for each and every one of us, loving us unconditionally," she reminds us

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