Why O My Soul

The Colourful Bird

Why O My Soul

Why O my soul are you troubled

Why O my soul are you weary

Why O My soul, are you in a whirl.

Haven’t you heard?

O, my soul, is it a nightmare?

I toss, I  turn, I lay wide awake

I contemplate the moon in the distance,

As a newborn chick,

I am feeble, and I am faint, I thirst, and I hunger.

But O my soul, haven’t you heard?

When morning comes, the twittering sound of the golden finches

awaken afresh,

A cherry tree is heavy with blossom,

A magnolia tree is radiant with pear-shaped flowers,

The sun is high in the sky,

The wind is rustling through the trees,

All seem so bright, light and fresh

But not in my soul.

I despair,

I groan,

My heart is sad,

My soul is restless,

But O my soul, haven’t you heard?

Put your hope in the Lord.

Surely my soul remembers my Lord and Saviour.

Surely my soul remembers,

His presence,

His strength,

His love.

Fount of beauty,

Fount of knowledge,

Fount of wisdom,

Fount of peace,

Fount of joy,

Heal my aching heart,

Soothe my disquieted soul.

The colourful bird is imprisoned in a cram caged.

Her crest is down.

She is unloved, locked up. She cannot fly.

She cannot sing. She tries, but it’s faint.

She is like some sad and dismal clown - 

No one hears her doleful cry.

People passing say: “Hello beautiful.”

But no one dares open the prison lock.

You gave me everything, my Lord - 

Colour, thoughts, and graces too,

Please now help me and this cord

That binds me here; please undo.

My Lord, please now unlock this door

For it keeps me in bounds.

With freedom new,

I shall spread my colourful wings,

I shall Glorify Your majesty unencumbered -

Free me from all bounds, weariness and burdens.

My Lord, let Your colourful creature spread her wings.