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Why O My Soul

Why O My Soul

O distressed soul of mine, why are you vexed?

What ails thee, my weary soul?

O my soul, why find thou no peace?

Have you not yet learned?

Alas, my soul, is it an endless dream?

I twist, I stir, sleep eludes me entirely

I think upon the distant glowing orb,

Like an infant bird,

I'm weak, slump, thirst, and hunger.

But my troubled soul, don't you know?

As dawn appears, the golden finches' chirps

signal a new beginning,

A Wisteria tree laden with blooms,

A Magnolia adorned with exquisite blossoms,

The sun ascends in the sky,

The breeze whispers among the branches,

All are vibrant, luminous, and revitalised

Except within my soul.

I despair,

I lament,

My heart is heavy,

My soul is in disarray,

But O my soul, have you not learned?

Place your faith in the Lord.

Certainly, my soul recalls my Redeemer.

Indeed, my soul shall remember,

His nearness,

His might,

His affection.

Wellspring of splendour,

Source of understanding,

Origin of insight,

Giver of serenity,

Bringer of delight,

Mend my broken heart,

Calm my restless soul O My Saviour.

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